Texas A&m Quail Hatching Eggs

100+ James Marie JUMBO Texas A&M Coturnix Quail Hatching Egg For Incubation NPIP

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25+ James Marie JUMBO Texas A&M Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs For Incubation NPIP

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You'll receive 100+ James Marie Jumbo Texas A&M hatching eggs

A few facts about our breeders and eggs:

♦ These eggs are from the James Marie bloodline.
♦ Our adult breeders weigh in at 13 to 14 ounces live weight.
♦ We have a high fertility rate with an average 90% hatch rate at our farm. ♦ We send eggs all over the country and regularly hear of hatch rates from 70% to 80% after shipping and handling.
♦ Eggs are collected 2 times a day and put on automatic egg turners in a climate controlled room until shipping.
♦ Our eggs are clean and our breeder stock are beautiful healthy birds.
♦ We start our chicks out on a high quality, 30% protein, non medicated, game bird feed from the very beginning.
♦ Our adult breeders are fed a high quality, 21% protein, non medicated, layer and breeder game bird feed starting at around 6 weeks of age.
♦ We maintain a 1 (rooster) to 3 (hen) ratio in our breeder...

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