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WWF hasbro, figures, new ring, WWE mattel retro. Most figures are brand new!!!

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Probably the best collection you'll see up for sale on eBay... adult owned. Spent over 6k in the past year on brand new figures. 70+ brand new figures/tag teams, saved the cards as I bought them. Andre figure and bushwackers and demolition are also brand new but I threw away the cards, they were the first ones I purchased when I started to try and make the set so I didn't think to keep the cards, but the figure's are brand new. All wwe mattel retros are brand new never played with obviously. Action on all figures work. Only missing mail away undertaker and bret hart for the whole complete set (other than the new retro's coming out soon!). Hulk mail away is brand new, only removed from the bag and yes I saved the bag. Bought the US WWF ring brand new, box is in decent condition, was still sealed, i only opened to check the contents. Everything brand new never touched inside the box, ring, belt, posts, stickers, ropes, never touched. if I had to rate the other original hasbro figures included that aren't brand new, I would say 7.5 - 8.5s out of 10.. Overall great condition, I took good care of the figures originally. Only figure I would probably replace is the Roddy piper and that's only because his shirt yellowed a little bit. Message me with any questions if seriously interested.. thank you. And if you believe this is not a fair deal.. then good luck trying to buy these figures brand new and complete a set for yourself. 8-9k probably. I'm not making money on this deal, more like breaking even. But this collection is pretty elite in my opinion. Thanks again. Update 6/25, have replaced papa shango, undertaker 1, Mr perfect 1, ultimate warrior 1, repo man with new figures, took them out of package. Also purchased retro series 4 figures.

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