Lucky gold cat

The Lucky Golden Cat WITH WAVING ARM!!

Thanks Arley for the Lucky Cat for my birthday -Devon.

Golden Good Luck Happy Waving Cat ( Golden Maneki Neko 招き猫 )

, literally "Beckoning Cat". also known as Welcoming Cat, Lucky Cat,.

Lucky gold cat

Bringer Of Luck - Japanese Waving Lucky Cat Statue - Gold 4"

Solar powered, works. Have this cute kitty send waves of good luck towards you all day every day.

Lucky gold cat

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Photo by Imahinasyon Photography on Flickr
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snoozing cats
My cat Henry has some sort of neurological condition, which is making him increasingly frail. Lucky, my aggressive gold cat, has taken to sleeping with Henry. I think he's protecting him from Casey, the new cat,...
Photo by Muffet on Flickr
Lucky Shot
Photo by recubejim on Flickr