Lunar rover

Lunar Rover

Apollo 16 - LRV "Grand Prix" - Rover

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Lunar Rover (LRV) on the Moon - Apollo 16 - HD Video Stabilized

Apollo 16's Lunar Roving Vehicle rolling about the surface of the moon.

How the lunar rover got to the moon.

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Lunar Rover.......... APOLLO 17

A clip of the Lunar Rover on the moon which you won't have seen before, apollo 17 Boeings $38000000 Lunar Rover and money well spent:).

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Curiosity Self Portrait
This Picasso-like self portrait of NASA's Curiosity rover was taken by its Navigation cameras, located on the now-upright mast. The camera snapped pictures 360-degrees around the rover, while pointing down at the...
Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr
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Weather Report
The latest planet-wide visual scan from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows that dusty and cloudy conditions continued across the Red Planet late last month. Both rovers (Spirit in Gusev Crater and Opportunity in...
Photo by ridingwithrobots on Flickr
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Half Moon
Photo by HockeyholicAZ on Flickr