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AI-IP30 1080P Oval clock wifi camera - Operation

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Handmade wood gear movement clock THE OVAL CLOCK BY a grandpa

Wooden Gear Clock 8Lb Movement Handmade OVAL CLOCK BY a lawyer and a clock repair specialist

I bought this the other day and I'm trying to get it running.

Kundo Oval 400 Day Clock, 1950s

This popular 400 day clock from the 1950s has an oval base and dome.

Hubble's Glittering Frisbee Galaxy
This image from Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3) shows a section of NGC 1448, a spiral galaxy located about 50 million light-years from Earth in the little-known constellation of Horologium (The Pendulum Clock). We...
Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr
gold broche jewelry diamond jewellery pendent 14kt
Diamond, florentine oval broche, gold
Photo by Somma on Flickr
sculpture glass southpark culvert coloredglass marrafarm
The sculpture atop the collection culvert at the east end of Marra Farm is a steel spiral with embedded fused glass ovals which does wonders with the sun is high and the images are case on the ground. Marra Farm is in...
Photo by Chas Redmond on Flickr