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Money Tree Bonsai, (Pachira aquatica), June 2016

I'm hoping that more research and some TLC, will help me to grow this tree as a bonsai with more success.

Pachira Money Tree

Care instructions for Pachira Money Tree.

Pachira feat. Peppe QBeta – Bedda (official video)


Pachira aquatica - Glückskastanie, Guiana Chestnut

Die Glückskastanie (Pachira aquatica) ist nicht mit den Kastanien, sondern mit den Hibiskus-Arten und anderen Malvengewächsen verwandt.

flower costarica pachira
Pachira Flower
Photo by Teacher Traveler on Flickr
pachiraaquatica bombacaceae
munguba (pachira aquatica) fruit & nuts
Photo by mauroguanandi on Flickr
Pachira aquatica (Guiana chestnut, Malabar chestnut) Leaves at Makawao, Maui, Hawaii. December 31, 2006 #061231-3076 - Image Use Policy
Photo by Starr Environmental on Flickr