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Chinese Zodiac Profile: The Snake

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The Year of the Snake - Taoist/Oriental Astrology (Wu Xing)

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The Snake - 2017 Chinese Zodiac Predictions With Jessie Lee - The Coverage

While it is an average year for the Snake, they can expect to be treated to a lot of delicious food and fantastic wine.

2017 Snake Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong

2017 Zodiac Snake Predictions.2017 十二生肖属蛇运程.

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Ami Snake
a friend's Chinese zodiac sign is the snake. Pattern in knit1 magazine, fall/winter 2008.
Photo by Paeonia* on Flickr
A stranger in the crowd
The constellation of Virgo (The Virgin) is the largest of the Zodiac constellations, and the second largest overall after Hydra (The Water Snake). Its most appealing feature, however, is the sheer number of galaxies...
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These eto, or 12 animals of the Japanese (Chinese) calendar have been made painstakingly by hand by my best friend Max (Masaki Yoshida) and his parents. The artwork is exquisite, and everything is done in Japanese...
Photo by Cam Switzer on Flickr